Don Teague

Don was presented with a Proclamation from the County Executive, and was nominated for the MetLife Community Champion Award. The Board and Members extend to Don our heartfelt thanks for his many years of excellent, and dedicated service to the Association and our Community.

Mr. Donald Teague has served as President of the Bellport Beach Property Owners Association, Inc. for the past four (4) years. This is an unpaid position, which Mr. Teague has enlarged well beyond the bounds of what is required, with his vision for the community. He established the motto "Strength in Community", and lives that motto daily.

His accomplishments encompass services to all age groups in the community. He has worked tirelessly, and coordinates events with the assistance of volunteers.

  • He has organized activities which appeal to the youngest members: Holiday party, with volunteer Santa; Halloween parade; Easter Egg hunt, with volunteer Easter Bunny; kite-flying contest; crabbing contest; snapper contest; and sand castle contest.
  • He has established a "Teens in Action" program, where teens advertise household chores they can perform, such as snow shoveling, leaf raking, and lawn mowing. This matches up the younger members with the older members in need of these services.
  • He has organized other activities that appeal to all age groups, such as the Summer Picnic, the Lobster Bake, and the Annual Dinner Dance.
  • He has taken a special interest in the elderly members of the community, often checking in on the housebound to offer a helping hand or understanding ear.
  • He has organized volunteers for an annual Earth Day clean-up at Bellport Beach.
  • He has coordinated the annual dredging project at Bellport Beach, working with various government agencies to obtain the necessary permits.
  • He has improved Bellport Beach by organizing volunteer teams to assemble picnic tables and barbeque grills, and to provide maintenance and repair services.
  • He was instrumental in bringing utilities (water and electricity) to the Beach through volunteer committees, to improve conditions for members' enjoyment and convenience.
  • He has organized Block Captains, a group of volunteers who are responsible for concerns, issues, or problems on their block.
  • He successfully petitioned the neighborhood for signatures required to form our Neighborhood Watch group.
  • He walked door-to-door with other volunteers, increasing the annual membership to 170 families.
  • He established Annual Awards to honor members who bettered the community through volunteerism.
  • He met with the senior members of the community to record their recollections of the early days of the Association, and publishes a "history" section in the monthly newsletter.
  • He has promoted local businesses by publishing and distributing the Advertising Guide with the assistance of a volunteer committee.
  • He has brought the Association into the technological age by appointing a volunteer webmaster and establishing the website at
  • He has raised the American flag at all street corners of the community, and at Bellport Beach, and obtained "Support our Troops" placards to place throughout the community.
Mr. Teague is the epitome of volunteerism in our community. He has applied his knowledge and skills for the betterment of the community, and inspired others to volunteer their time, effort, and talents as well.
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