Bellport Beach Property Owners Association, Inc.

Beach and Dock Rules

Any and all B.B.P.O.A. facilities are used at the members, their families, or guests own risk. If there is any disorder, nuisance, or non-compliance with any of the following rules for members; or if a member aids in the non-compliance of these rules, the B.B.P.O.A. reserves the right, by vote, to revoke membership for a period, to be determined by the board.

Part I – The Beach

A. The beach closes at dusk.

B. The front gates are to be kept closed and locked after entering or leaving, at all times, whether people are inside or outside the fence.

C. DO NOT admit anyone who has “Forgotten” their key unless you know they are a member in good standing. Members should never lend out or share a beach key.

D. Parents are responsible for children using the playground equipment, or “playing” on the dock. DO NOT allow young children to go to the beach unsupervised.

E. No radios, tape or CD players should be played at a loud volume. The B.B.P.O.A. discourages the use of amplifiers at the beach. If an amplifier is used, it must be facing the westerly direction. If the music can be heard at the gate, it must be lowered. Failure to lower and maintain a level that does not disturb the community will result in the loss of electricity for the Gazebo rental.

F. NO firearms, or weapons of any type are permitted on the beach property at any time. Violators will be prosecuted.

G. All garbage should be contained in the receptacle provided, and bottles and cans should be placed in the Green Recycling Container. They are located behind the gazebo and by the Port-o-lav.

H. Dues-paid members have a right to reserve the gazebo. Reservations must be made before having a party at the gazebo. Email at for reservations.

I. NO motorized vehicles are to be used on the beach area at any time. This includes the sand area, and the area in front of the Gazebo and volleyball sand court. Vehicles are permitted in the parking lot or ramp area ONLY.

J. All members should help to enforce our Beach Rules. Any member can report violations. Please take license plate number or description of offenders.

K. All dogs brought into the beach must be leashed. Mutt Mitts are provided at the gate and members must clean up after their pets. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of the rules.

Part II – The Dock & Ramp

A. The dock and ramp facility close at dusk.

B. There will be NO overnight permanent docking.

C. Jet-Skis may not be launched from the beach. Launching from the ramp should be done with caution, and requires Boater's Rights and paid Boater's dues.

D. No ATV’s, Beach Buggies, or Moped’s, Quads, Eazors, or any other unlicensed motorized vehicles are permitted on any part of the Beach property.

E. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and authorized boat-trailers should park in the designated area on the west side of the parking lot.

F. There is NO trailer or vehicle parking on Bay Road. Temporary boat tie-up in the water is permitted should you have to return your trailer or vehicle to your home.

G. A separate gate and lock are installed in front of the launch area. Members with Boater's Rights and paid Boater's Dues will be issued a boat ramp key. The gate to this area MUST be locked at all times when the ramp is not being used.

H. Members guest’s may use the ramp facility, provided they obtain a guest pass for a fee of $10. These passes may be purchased in advance by email at The police will be notified of any unauthorized trailers, and the trailors will be towed at the owners expense. Trespassing is not allowed.

I. There is NO jumping or diving off the dock, and NO swimming in the launch area.

J. Non-motorized, non-trailered or hand-trailered watercraft, specifically canoes, kayaks, sunfish, hobie cats, and rafts can access the Bay at the designated area by the dredge spoils site, as a privilege of a paid membership.