Attention Pet Owners! 

Please cleanup after your furry friends, whether it be on our beach or in our community.  It is not only your responsibility, but it is in consideration to your neighbors.

Do you like to give away for free what you have paid for?  That is exactly what your are doing when you leave the beach gate, or boat ramp gate unlocked and open.  People are going in and saying “Why should I pay for membership when I can walk in almost anytime for free?”  It is not fair to the

members who are paying for both access use, and maintenance of the facilities.  Please lock the gates after entering or exiting.  Keep your key with you.  It only takes a few seconds to do it.  Thank You!

From the President and the Officers:


Nominating Committee:  The committee is:  Frank Turso – phone 286-3376, John Barnett – phone 286-8109, and Mike Carey – phone 516-263-7959.  The names of those candidates for the various offices will be nominated at the September meeting.  All officers are up for renewal.  If you wish to try out for one of the offices please contact the nominating committee.


Halloween Parade:  Mark your calendars for the parade which will be held on October 22nd at 1 PM.  The rain date is October 24th at 1 PM.


Summer Picnic:   There was a small turnout for the event, but everyone had a good time.  The duck race was won by Maureen Hirsch.  The 50/50 was won by Alexandra Caffrey.   The other winners are shown below:

    Raffle                                      Donated By                                Winner

$100 VISA Card                        BBPOA                                       Tracy Iarocci

Basket of Cheer                        South Shore Liquor                   Pauletrte Renna

Pocket Book                               Lori Antonakakis                       Donna Cannon

Basket of Books                        Lori Antonakakis                       Michael M     

Designs by Cher                       Cheryl Clifford                          Don Teague

Basket of Cheer                        South Shore Liquor                   Maureen Hirsch

Gift Certificate                          Court Side Kicks                       Brit’tanyann Jaycox

Oil Change                                 21st Century Auto                    Donna Cannon

Bracelet                                      Lori Antonakakis                       Maureen Hirsch

Coloring Books                         Lori Antonakakis                       Donna Cannon

Neckless                                     Lori Antonakakis                       Betty

Men’s Watch                              Lori Antonakakis                       Brit’tanyann Jaycox


Girls Night Out:  Don’t forget Monday nights at 7 PM.  Bring your refreshments and meet your neighbors.


Thanks & Congratulations:  Cheryl Clifford for the door prizes.  Maureen Hirsch won the  50/50. 

                                             Lori Antonakakis for the refreshments.


Beach Cleanup:   September 10th at 9:30 AM.  Come on down and give us a hand. 


Next meeting:   Will be September 8th.  Hope to see you in attendance.  Meeting starts at 7:45 PM.   Try and bring a neighbor.  PSEG is scheduled to have a guest speaker to discuss the Smart Meter installation program.