Text Box: From the President and the Officers: 

Application is enclosed. Remember to complete and sign the application when you send in your dues for this year.

Beach Clean-up:
	The clean-up will be on March 12th.  The new keys will be available during the clean-up.
Easter Egg Hunt:
	The egg hunt will be on March 19th at 1 PM.  Remember to call and give the children’s ages in order that we have enough eggs for the event.

Advertising Guide:
	If you need extra copies of the Guide, they will be available at the next meeting or give us a call.  Remember to visit those who advertise and support the Association.  

To Cheryl Clifford for the door prizes.    

Next meeting:
Will be March 10th.  Hope to see you in attendance.  Meeting starts at 7:45 PM.   Try and bring a neighbor. 

Text Box: Upcoming Events…………..

Thursday, March 10th:  Monthly meeting at VFW hall, Dunton Ave @ 7:45 pm
Saturday, March 12th: Beach cleanup and key distribution 9:30am at the beach
Saturday, March 19th: Easter egg hunt at the beach @ 1pm
Text Box: Reminders……
Our correct email address is bbpoa-asso@netzero.net  
If you see something suspicious, please call the police!
If you have any suggestions for improving our community, please forward them to us via email, or at our monthly meeting.
AS ALWAYS, please watch your speed while in our community.  As the weather turns nice, our children will be out playing on the streets again!
Pets are great companions, but please make sure they are leashed, or in a controlled environment to ensure they don’t present a danger to anyone walking or playing freely on our streets.