Text Box: Final Notice!

Date: Saturday, June 25th from 9:30am – 3:00pm
Rain Date: Sunday, June 26th

Due to continued success, the B.B.P.O.A. will be hosting our 3rd annual community yard sale on Saturday, June 25th at the beach to raise funds for our community/association.
We cannot thank our community members enough for all of their generous donations over the last two years. We are AGAIN asking our community to provide us with donated items that can be sold at this event.  Any items that you are able to 
donate should be in good to excellent sellable condition.  
There are no restrictions on the items that can be donated other than the overall 
condition of the items and that they are in working order.
Items to consider but NOT limited to: 
Books				Toys				Furniture
Small Appliances		Bicycles			Tools
Household Items – Picture Frames, Vases, Platters, Plate Sets, Art Work, etc.
Sports Equipment
If you are able to keep the items that will be donated until the date of the yard sale, please be sure to deliver these items to the beach on the day of the yard sale between 8:00am and 8:30am at the latest.  We just ask that you email Tracy Iarocci at traazeee@yahoo.com so that we have an idea as to how many people will be 
dropping items off that day as we will need to price these items prior to putting them out for sale.
If you are NOT able to hold onto the items that you are donating, please contact any of the board members and they will make arrangements for these items to be stored until the date of the yard sale.
Finally, if there are any community members that are willing to donate their time to assist either in the preparation for the yard sale or on the day of the yard sale, please contact Tracy Iarocci, traazeee@yahoo.com or 631-619-6201 at your earliest convenience.
We thank you all in advance for your participation in this annual community event!

From the President and the Officers:


Membership:  Application is enclosed. Remember to complete and sign the application when you send in your dues for this year.  Early membership would be appreciated.


Keys: The locks have been changed.  You can pick up your key at the meeting or contact

           Don Teague 949-7252.


Lobster Bake: July 10th at 5 PM.  Reservations required.  Contact one of the officers for your reservation, or make a reservation at the June meeting.  It is a great event….see the article on page 1 of this newsletter.


Thanks & Congratulations:  Cheryl Clifford for the door prizes.  Vita Zamboli who won the 50/50 and donated it to the association.  The door prize went to Mayra Turso.  Lori Antonakakis for the refreshments. 


Next meeting:  Will be June 9th.  Hope to see you in attendance.  Meeting starts at 7:45 PM.   Try and bring a neighbor